Use just 3 lines of CSS to vertically align content

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CSS Code Snippet

Using CSS3s ‘transform’ property we can simply and easily vertically align content. The transform property was designed to enable simple animations such as rotating and scaling elements, however we can manipulate content with transform:translateY. To do this all we need to write is .element { position: relative; transform: translateY(-50%); top: 50%; } This is all…

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New website for Magic Wok Chinese takeaway in Oulton broad

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Magic Wok website completed

Magic Wok are a Chinese takeaway based in Oulton Broad, Suffolk. They specialise in Cantonese and vegetarian cuisine and have an extensive variety of dishes. Magic Wok came to us wanting their own modern website with an online ordering system to benefit their customers. We have also built in the ability for Magic Wok to…

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