UK is the shorter, sharper domain

Nominet, the guardians of UK based domain names, have finally made available the .uk domain. So, if like us, you are proud to be part of the UK, grab yours now! Over 50,000 new shorter .uk registrations have already been made within the first 24 hours, making it one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record.

Why is .uk important for business?

When was first proposed, it was primarily targeted at large business and corporations, but the internet has changed. Not only is .uk easier and quicker to write, but it shows your visitors that you are a UK business. Having a .uk domain name will also show your potential customers that you are at the forefront of the contemporary online landscape. The .uk domain also has enhanced security, reducing the risk of domain hijacking.

OK, I see it’s importance – how do I get my hands on it?

If you already own a domain, then the .uk domain variant has already been reserved for you (for a limited time only). All you have to do is get in touch with us on 01502 513 008 or email as and we will get you up and running right away!

What happens to my domain?

Don’t worry, your domain will continue to be active until your renewal date, when you will be able to chose to renew it. We can arrange it so your domain routes automatically to your .uk domain or visa versa, so you needn’t worry that your customers can’t find you.
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